How To Overcome Being Overwhelmed And Anxious & Identifying What Is In Our Control, And What Is Not

Without Feeling Worried Or Experiencing Unexplained Weight Gain

Back when I was searching for answers, I ran into roadblocks, obstacles and unanswered questions continuously.

I felt so alone!

I spent so many days and nights living in fear, worrying about things out of my control, and ultimately I was not living my full potential.

I was so alone!

If only I had someone to help me or guide me on my journey, it may have not taken me so long to get to where I am today.

Unfortunately, I did not have anyone to ask. I was alone! I lived in darkness for many years.

It used to be that no one seemed to understand what my heart wanted or needed.

''Just snap out of it'', I was told.

And then, after many self-development programs, I started incorporating a variety of tools into my life.

Some worked, and some didn't.

But, I never gave up searching.

Eventually, I met an amazing, brilliant man…

His name is Jaden Sterling, who helped me break the cycles from my past, and encouraged me to push forward towards my full potential for my future.

His support and belief in me was one that has helped me to be the woman I am today.

"After many failures, I always landed on my feet. Each time, I was able to reflect and learn lessons and then pivot to move forward in my life."


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Discover How To Stop Worrying About Everything And Find Your Inner Spark

When I was deep in my depression, I didn't know how to feel anything.

I had written a note and placed it on the bathroom mirror that said, ''Kevin loves me with all his heart and soul.'' Daily, I would read this note, then close my eyes and think about how much someone loved me. This filled my heart, and then I would seal it with a SMILE.

Hoping, repeating this to myself, created a ''feeling'' in my heart and got me out of a place of worrying.

But I had spent so much time in my head ''worrying'' about everything else that I did not have control over, it gained control over me.

I had no idea how to ''stop thinking'' too much. I was conditioned to worry about everything.

Some think Worrying STOPPED me in my tracks!

I feared everything, judgement, looking silly, saying the wrong thing, so I did nothing, but worry.

I was good at that!

But Now in my 50's, I sit back and realize I had based all my decisions on being validated by others and living their dream, and not mine.

I gave and gave that I no longer could give. After praying and seeking inner peace, I reached out to a friend to help me find my inner spark.

Ultimately, creating habits such as morning meditation, daily walks, and gratitude journaling has helped me live a life I had never dreamt.



Think about how, Reflect on the feelings you have. How does it make you feel in your tummy? Butterflies? Excited? Happy? Calm? After you feel this feeling, end it with a smile.

Learn How To Identify What Is Yours To Change And Control And Free Yourself To Be Who You Want To Be!

I used to worry about EVERYTHING under the sun.

From the minute I woke up, I worried about…

What time it was,

What I would eat,

What to wear,

The time when to leave for work,

And everything in between…

There simply are those things in life that we cannot control, such as the weather, other people's actions, other people's beliefs, and other people's opinions.

Let's call those external controls.

I felt I needed to control all areas of my life, and my family's life.

Yet the more I wanted to control my life, the more I became out of control.

You may have heard, if you were a better time manager or multitasker, your life would not be out of control.

But then I realized, out of FEAR of the unknown, I was trying to control the results or outcomes. I did not TRUST myself, nor did I allow myself to ask for help.

We’ve found that releasing control the other's situations, and beliefs, and controlling what was mine, a sense of freedom of guilt and resentment happened.

"I've been married for 26+ years now, to the same man. For years, I would always control his food intake and then complain about my weight gain. Once I realized that I am responsible for my own nutrition, exercise and wellness, and he is ultimately responsible for his own. Together, we support each other, not control each other. When I figured this out, the release of resentment of cooking and my lack of weight loss, freed me from the prison of my own creation."


Consider asking yourself what can I do to control this situation. If there is something within your control, move on to figuring out steps for how you can control it. If you cannot control the situation, release it and let it go.

How to To Get Out Of Your Head, And Back Into Your Heart To Start Living The Life You Have Always Dreamt Of

At one point, I would always get a deep pit in my stomach when my bank statements would arrive in the mail. Money worries were always a massive overwhelm for me...

I would throw them in the junk box, unopened. In my mind, out of sight, out of mind, but the fact of the matter was I was overwhelmed and scared to open the mail.

The mail would remain in the drawer and each time I opened it, the deep pit in my stomach would come back. I then signed up for a class to learn about investments.

Part of the program was to open and read your bank statements. In the end, I was overwhelmed and anxious for most of my adult life for something I just ignored.

Looking for a process to follow and understand the steps that made sense.

However, because of past beliefs, I heard from my parents made me believe that if I didn't have thousands of dollars in my bank account, you were nothing.

Most people think, that money does not define the value of you as a person.

Until I realized that money was a reflection of the value I have of myself, I would forever be ignored, and unvalued.

Finally, when I released this old belief system, money started flowing to me.

I now open my bank statements, read them, reconcile them, and give them the attention they deserve.

This is now a reflection of my own personal value.

This is a sense of freedom with this new belief.

"Recently, a friend was sharing her belief in herself as being a ''bad person''. The label we place on ourselves is one that we have heard from a parent. Just like me, with my bank statements, I was of no value. Going through the same process of identifying why she felt this way and who made the definition, she was quickly able to see this belief was one she had heard as a child. She knew it was not a true statement, but rather a label a parent had said many years ago. After the conversation, she realized that having this thought was not in her best interest, and nor was it helping her achieve the life she had dreamt of. Instead, it was holding her back and making her anxious and depressed."


Think about a particular situation in your life that created anxiety or overwhelm. How did it make you feel? Where did you feel that anxiety or overwhelm in your body? Recognize where your body has given you the message. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge the message. Take another deep breath.

What’s Next?

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Improve mental clarity with positive thoughts

Release yourself from anxiety and emotional guilt

Get the confidence and the strength to pursue goals and dreams

A lot of people say that we have to work harder or exercise more to get rid of stress. But this does not deal with the issues at hand. It is often seen as ''running away''. Until the issue(s) are identified, they will always be there.

What’s hard is being true to ourselves and ASKING for help from others. Sometimes we believe we can do it on our own.

Then over time, we can become overwhelmed and depressed. We stay in our heads, and completely forget how to get back into our heart.

Which is why I do not want you to do it alone, like I once tried. It became a dark, depressed state and life was bleak. After I discovered the journey from my head to my heart, I vowed I would be there for anyone else who felt the same way I once did. I do not want you to do it alone.

I have helped many middle-aged women, get out of their heads, and into their heart to discover peace and joy in their life again.

"Holistic and spiritual practice to break free from the traditional ways of dealing with depression and anxiety. One client was dealing with the death of her father. She had thought she had grieved and accepted it. She came to me with severe pain all over her body. Through six sessions, the pain of losing her father was affecting her muscles. We worked through her loss, and the muscle aches and pains disappeared, along with the sadness she was holding onto. Today, she remembers her father with happiness in her heart, and her body responded by it no longer being in pain. Today, her sessions are tune-ups to rebalance her mental, emotional, and physical body to operate as one."


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