Muscle Activation

Muscles are an important part of the body that are not addressed often enough. Activating them so the energy flows in your body is key for overall health.


We are accepting Muscle Activation Techniques Rx ® (MATRx®) clients by referral only. Scroll to the bottom of this page to book.

What to Expect at Your Muscle Activation Appointment

〰 Your session is fully clothed. Please wear comfortable, moveable clothing.


〰 Review of activities and stress levels


〰 An assessment of your range of motion

〰 Treatment of the muscles of the range which was based on the range of motion assessment

〰 Reassessment of your range of motion

We ask that you do not schedule any other therapy or fitness workouts on the day of your session. Allow your body to rest on the same day as your session. MAT® is about muscle contractions and should be treated as the same as a workout.


〰 Drink plenty of water, post-MAT® session.

〰 Avoid refined sugar.

〰 Feed your body the appropriate fuel to help your muscles recover.

〰 Health Matters Fitness and Muscle Activation Calgary operate from a home-based basement studio in Harvest Hills located in beautiful north Calgary.


We recommend booking your MAT® session 48 hours post any other type of therapy (Chiropractic, Physio, Massage, Osteo, etc) and also waiting an additional 48 hours after your MAT® session to book any type of therapy, to gain the most benefits.

Ready to reduce your pain and walk away with movement freedom?